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Some of North Carolina’s greatest treasures can be found off the beaten path. You never know what you might find... an old-time general store, local artisan, or simply a picturesque view that takes your breath away. You’ll be swept away by the untouched natural landscape found on the backroads of this rural county.

In Anson County, you can discover all that and more. Come. Visit. Surround yourself with the beauty of North Carolina’s best kept secret.




Bath, the oldest incorporated town in North Carolina, was established in 1705. By the 1708 the town consisted of twelve houses and a population of fifty people. Among the early inhabitants were John Lawson, Surveyor General of the colony and author of A New Voyage to Carolina, the first history of North Carolina; Christopher Gale, the first Chief Justice of the colony (1712-17,1722-24, 1725-31); Governors Thomas Cary (1705-06, 1708-11) and Charles Eden (1714-1722); and the pirate Edward Teach, known as “Blackbeard.”

     The early history of Bath was disturbed by political rivalry, yellow fever epidemics, Indian wars, and piracy. After this period of turbulence ended, the town entered an era of peaceful development. It was a trade center, exporting naval stores, furs, tobacco; seat of government for Beaufort County; and in 1744 and 1752 the meeting place of the General Assembly. The political and economic importance of Bath declined after the Beaufort County seat was moved to the town of Washington in 1785.


Volume 1027 | July 1, 2019
Your monthly news & updates for Valdese NC
From Independence Day Celebrations to Friday Night Concerts, Valdese has everything you need to celebrate the summertime!
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Old Colony Players
Historic Outdoor Drama of the Waldenses

The outdoor drama "From This Day Forward" written by Fred Cranford is the flagship show of Old Colony Players. This drama tells the story of the Waldenses, a people from the area known as the Cottian Alps in Northern Italy near the French border, and the founders of the Town of Valdese. Come experience the hope and triumph!

Rated PG13 for Battle Scenes

For more information or to buy tickets or call 828-522-1150

Friday & Saturday shows
July 12-August 10.
Waldensian Festival Vendor info

Since 1976, on the second Saturday in August, Valdese hosts an annual festival to celebrate the "Glorious Return" of the Waldenses from exile in Switzerland to their native valleys in the Cottian Alps of Italy in 1689. This celebration is mirrored around the world by other Waldensian communities. The Town of Valdese continues to improve the Waldensian Festival each year and make it one of the best festivals in the state of North Carolina.
The 2019 Waldensian Festival will concentrate on unique crafts, great food, and top-quality entertainment. To achieve this goal, the committee continues to search for wonderful artists, food vendors and entertainers from around the country. Choosing participants that will come together to make an unforgettable festival.
The 44th Annual Waldensian Festival will be held on August 9 & 10, 2019.

Bust out your big hair and leather pants, because it's 80's and 90's night at the Waldensian Festival Kick-off celebration!

Cassette Rewind - 80's Variety @ 7pm

Born in the ‘80s and raised on radio, CASSETTE REWIND are totally an authentic ‘80s experience. Valley girls, jocks, preppies, and nerds will have the time of their life when the DeLorean hits 88 mph and suddenly they’re at like, the most righteous party of the era. Feel the power of love when your bedroom boombox comes to life with captivating, dynamic performances of Prince, George Michael, Journey, Whitney Houston, and countless 1980s pop icons. Grab your Members Only jacket and put on your leg warmers because nothing’s gonna stop you now from getting footloose and singing along. Be kind, please CASSETTE REWIND.

Gump Fiction - 90's Variety - 9:15pm

Gump Fiction is a high-octane, nostalgia-fueled time-machine with one totally radical destination: the 1990s. Known as the Ultimate 90s Experience, they will take you back to the days of dial-up internet, slap bracelets, Tamagotchi pets, and the music you forgot you loved. Gump Fiction is your chance to go back in time and rock out to your favorite A-side tracks, from Nirvana to Britney Spears, and everywhere in between. You think Gump Fiction is just your everyday cover band? As if! These four guys and one girl bring a premium, customizable entertainment package that can include extra options, such as 90s dance music between sets, 90s trivia, and an authentic, old-school 90s arcade with all of the classic games to really bring the decade alive. Since 2012, the band has performed hundreds of shows across the world, including small, corporate events and high-profile, city-wide festivals for crowds of over 25,000. No matter the size of the show, the members of Gump Fiction pride themselves in tailoring each performance to the unique requirements of the event.
The 2019 Waldensian Festival will concentrate on unique crafts, great food, and top-quality entertainment. To achieve this goal, the committee continues to search for wonderful artists, food vendors and entertainers from around the country. Choosing participants that will come together to make an unforgettable festival.

Waldensian Festival Main Stage Line-up: August 10, 2019

9am - Old Colony Players - 2019 Cast of the Historic Outdoor Drama
"From This Day Forward" 

10am - Greg Mastin & The Druthers

1:30pm - The Band 28690

3:30pm - Chad Triplett & 2 Lane Blacktop

7pm - Gary Lowder & Smokin' Hot

*Schedule is subject to change
Foothills Comedy Festival
August 31 | 4pm | Old Rock School
The Foothills Comedy Festival is bringing the best comedians to the Northwestern Carolina area. Morganton Improv and The Old Rock School have combined this year to bring the best in Improv, Stand-up, and Comedic Acting. This year's show will be August 31st at the historic Old Rock School in Valdese, North Carolina.

Butcher Stories | 4PM
Based off of the hit blog, and featuring 100% real
interactions with insane customers, comedian Andy Livengood 
(Winner, Charleston City Paper’s Best Local Comic) will take 
audiences on a hilarious and heartfelt tour of strange coworkers, clueless managers, and crazy customers.
C.H.A.M.P.S | 5:30PM
This goofiness is par for the course when it comes to C.H.A.M.P.S., old friends getting back together for this Comedy Fest show.
Morganton Improv | 7PM
Morganton Improv creates one-of-a-kind performances based on audience suggestions. Some of the cleverest and socially 
awkwardest folks of Burke County, North Carolina have teamed up to discover new absurdities together and keep audiences laughing, entertained, or in the very least, delightfully confused.
Krass and Groce | 8:30PM
Lauren Krass is now based in New York City, where you can see her perform at some of the best comedy clubs around, like Stand Up NY, New York Comedy Club, and QED. Jason Groce began his comedy career here at Theatre 99 in 2005 and has since opened for several notable acts like Tig Notaro, 
Michael Ian Black, and Colin Quinn.

2019-2020 Concerts at the Rock Series
True Grass Band with Sideline | October 12
Tickets $20 per person  

Darin and Brooke Aldridge | January 11
Tickets $20 in advance & $25 at the door

The Marty Burns Experience | September 14th

All proceeds benefit the Burke Theater Guild.
IIIrd Tyme Out | November 20
Tickets $20 in advance & $25 at the door

February 15, 2020 Concert
Nu Blu with Special Guests TBA
Tickets $25 per person

March 2020 Concert
Carolina Blue
Tickets $20 in advance & $25 at the door


Explore Valdese or visit your neighboring Town! We at Greenway are excited to expand transportation service options including the four new flex routes in Burke County.
You, your family and your friends are personally invited to ride the flex routes that serve Morganton, Drexel, Valdese, Hwy 70 and Rutherford College.

How we work: Have you seen our bus stops? Ask a driver or visit for maps and schedules of the four routes. Service hours are from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Don’t live along the routes? Not a problem! The four new bus routes offer the flexibility of a three-quarter mile deviation from the stops. Any deviations must be scheduled by noon one business day in advance through Greenway dispatch. Greenway also offers van service for areas outside of the three-quarter mile buffer of the new bus service.

Track the bus from your phone: Use your smart phone to track each bus for less wait time! Download the real-time application at:
Or check out each bus stop on our interactive map at:

Ride for free! Don’t miss the chance to ride FREE through March 31st, 2019!

We want to hear from you: We want this to serve you. Let us know how to make that possible by taking this quick survey:
Keep Valdese Clean & Green
Recycle all EMPTY CLEAN & DRY items below:
Paper: Newspaper, Envelopes, Junk Mail, Phone Books, Brochures, Magazines
Aluminum: Aluminum Beverage Cans, Food Cans
Cardboard: File Folders, Ream Wrappers, Frozen Food Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Milk Cartons
Glass: Beverage Containers, Glass Food Jars
Plastic: Water Bottles, Soda Bottles

Bag ALL trash before it is placed in Trash Cart
Return your Trash Cart from the curb within 24 hours of its collection. Use reusable shopping bags. 

Dispose of Grease Properly: 
Allow grease to cool to a safe temperature after cooking. Use a container with a re-sealable lid
Pour the cooled oil and grease into the container
Place lid on container and dispose in the garbage
Scrape or wipe cookware using a paper towel or spatula into the garbage before washing

Organize a Litter Pickup Program in your Neighborhood
Call the Valdese Public Works Department 828-879-2128 to schedule your event and the Town of Valdese will provide litter bags for your use. 
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Old Rock School Rentals
The Old Rock School Auditorium is the home of the Bluegrass at the Rock Concert Series, numerous plays by the local community theater Old Colony Players, dance recitals, graduations, camps, and corporate conferences.


The Auditorium will accommodate a maximum of 473 occupants. Details about the sound system and lighting services are available at time of rental and via application download.
Please see application for full break down of cost + additional add ons.

The Old Rock School Waldensian Room is used as a local community room. The Waldensian Room is used for weddings, receptions, beauty pageants, meetings, classes, anniversaries, birthdays, craft shows, and graduation celebrations. The Waldensian Room will accommodate 150 seated occupants. Tables & chairs are provided with rentals and there is a catering style kitchen available for use. After a recent remodel the Waldensian Room has surround sound, projection system, microphone, and a dimming light system. The Waldensian Room is the perfect venue to host your special events.

The Old Rock School has four classrooms available for public rental in the upstairs of the building. The Classrooms are home to events such as dressing rooms, meetings, and luncheons. Rooms 119,137,138, and 139 have recently been remodeled. The remodel included the addition of projections systems, custom sound panels, additional lighting and new vanities (Rooms 119 & 137). The Classrooms will accommodate and average of 25 seated occupants. Tables and chairs are included with rental.

The Teacher's Cottage is located between the Old Rock School and Valdese Elementary School. The building is home to events such as baby showers, birthdays, Lion's Club, Meals on Wheels, anniversaries, wedding showers and numerous smaller events. The Teacher's Cottage will accommodate a maximum of 50 occupants. Tables and chairs are included with rental and a catering style kitchen is available for use.

**All rental dates & applications must be verified by the Old Rock School Staff**
In addition to public rentals the Old Rock School also has several businesses and nonprofit organizations located within. The businesses & nonprofits include, Old Colony Players (local community theater), Rock School Arts Foundation and the Valdese Rotary Club. The Rock School Arts Foundation has two art galleries open for public viewing and Studio 101 for art workshops.

Gallery Schedule | Theater Schedule

The Piedmont & Western Railroad Museum is located on the lower level of the building. The Piedmont and Western Railroad is a fictitious line serving Western North Carolina whose mainline extends from Marion, NC to Leadvale, TN. Its chief purpose is to carry the trains of its owners, Southern RR and the Clinchfield RR across the Blue Ridge Mountains. Since it is the only Carolina's mainline that crosses the Blue Ridge, traffic is heavy. The Piedmont and Western also maintains extensive terminal facilities in Asheville, which is the focus of operations. Trains set off or pick up local traffic, or are reclassified for their final destinations. Modern operations with diesel locomotives are emphasized.

The Old Rock School averages 2 events per day. For information regarding public rentals and availability please contact us at 828-879-2129. Let the Old Rock School be the home of your next event.
Plan to Spend the Day in Valdese
Typical One Day Tour: For Groups of 15 or more

Smaller groups can be accommodated also. Please contact the Tourism Office at 828-879-2126 for details.

Waldensian Museum & Gift Shop
Experience the heritage of the Waldenses with a DVD presentation and tour through the numerous displays that fill the interior of the museum. Books and other gifts reflecting Waldensian history are available for sale. 

Lunch & Downtown Shopping
Enjoy a catered meal of your choosing and afterwards stroll through downtown and visit the antique stores, market, arts center and consignment shops. 

Waldensian Trail of Faith
You will be guided through the 15 buildings and monuments which are dedicated to preserving the courageous history of the Waldensian people. Each display has a significant meaning to their history from the valleys of the Italian Alps to their founding of Valdese in 1893. Experience the history and heritage as you walk along the sidewalk trail.

Waldensian Heritage Winery
Experience the wine making skills of the Waldensian people. Visitors are welcome to join a conducted tour along with tasting various wines and an opportunity for purchasing.

Cost includes lunch and all attractions. Tour and times can be modified to meet the needs of your group. Cost $25.00 per person

Additional Attractions:
-View the Art in the Rock School Art Galleries
-Tour the P&W Railroad Model Train Museum
-Village Park Mural - Find the 51 Hidden Objects

Include these events in your Day Trip: 

“From This Day Forward”
Historic Outdoor Drama of the Waldenses. Season runs mid-July through mid-August 

Historic Valdese Waldensian Festival
Held annually the second weekend in August to celebrate the Glorious Return of the Waldenses. Enjoy over 170 Food/Art/Craft Vendors, Music, Rides & More. 

This is only a sample tour. We have several packages and will customize your tour package to meet the needs of your group. All group tours include a guide.

School Field Trips Available!
Waldensian Trail of Faith
Waldensian Heritage Museum & Gift Shop
Pizza Lunch
Village Park Mural (find the hidden objects)
Bring your business to Valdese and become part of our vibrant Downtown District!
100 Main Street W

Listing Price: $375,000
Investor opportunity with this chance to own a part of Valdese Main Street. 100, 104, 108 West Main are store front commercial buildings that are currently rented and have great rental history.
106 West Main is residential rental units above the storefronts. Upstairs are 4 apartments with 1 office suite.. 
Listing Agent: Tim Newton 828.439.5921
205 Morgan Street SE

TYPE: Special Purpose
205 Arnaud Avenue, SW

Office Suites, Valdese, NC
MLS #:C26743A


LOT SIZE: 3.49 acres
TYPE: Office
DIV SQ FT: 2,000

For further information about any of the events listed above,
please contact Valdese Community Affairs: 

Call 828-879-2126
Email Community Affairs Director, Morrissa Angi at 
Find us online at 
Town of Valdese Community Affairs | 888-Valdese | Fax | Email | Website