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Total Eclipse of the Park

Across the country, from Oregon to South Carolina, people are getting ready for a big celestial event - The Great American Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, blocking out the light from the sun and casting a 67-mile wide shadow across the planet. As the heavenly bodies move, this shadow travels across the ground averaging a little over 1,600 miles per hour, meaning at its longest duration for a viewer on the ground, 
totality only lasts about 2 minutes and 40 seconds. In the Smokies, we can expect about 2 minutes in totality, when the moon completely blocks the sun's light. During totality, the temperature will noticeably drop, stars may be visible, and birds will stop singing (thinking it's night time.)

So where can you see it in the Smokies? Park staff will be hosting a special event at Clingmans Dome, the park's highest point, but unless you were one of the lucky 1,600 to snag a ticket online this spring, you should make alternate plans. And heads up, Newfound Gap Road may be closed to reduce gridlock. There will be other park events open to the public at Cades Cove and Oconaluftee Visitor Center, but pack your patience and expect a crowd.

In the map below, you can see the western half of the park will be in totality. The closer you can get to the blue line in the bottom left corner, the center of totality, the better your experience will be. Anything outside of the shaded region will not experience totality, only a partial solar eclipse, and that can make a huge difference as a viewer.

Special viewing glasses are required in order to safely view the solar eclipse. A limited number of glasses will be available within the park but please ensure you have them for viewing. You may (and should) take them off only during totality (about 2 minutes) or you'll miss the best part!

Total solar eclipses are fairly rare events. They happen somewhere on Earth about every 18 months, but not in the same spot for about 400 years. The last total solar eclipse in the southeastern US was in 1970 along the Carolina coast and 1900 before that. The next in this neck of the woods won't be until 2045 in Alabama and Mississippi, then 2078 in Georgia and South Carolina, so don't miss this opportunity!

No matter where you live, you can catch the total eclipse from the Smokies live on NASA 360! Click here for more info.


North Carolina Historic Site
Alamance Battleground

Colonial Period – Revolutionary War

Here in 1771, an armed rebellion of backcountry farmers called Regulators battled with royal governor William Tryon's militia. The spark for this conflict was growing resentment in the Carolina colony against the taxes, dishonest sheriffs, and illegal fees imposed by the British Crown. In response, the Regulators were formed and began to fight back. Though the rebellion was crushed, a few years later their tactics became a model for the colonists fighting the British in the American Revolutionary War.

Read the complete overview.

Located on the grounds of the site is the Allen House, a log dwelling characteristic of those lived in by frontier people on the western fringes of the colony in this period.

A brief article on colonial North Carolina history entitled, "Voices from the Past" is available on-line from UNC-TV.


7pm Saturday September 23
A Temptations Revue featuring Barrington “Bo”

Bringing the unforgettable songs of Motown back to
your venue is "A Temptations Revue" featuring former
lead singer of the Temptations and Grammy Award
winner Barrington "Bo" Henderson (1998-2003), one
of the only Temptations lead singers to have received
a Grammy. This dynamic and driving show spans
more than a decade of Temptations classics, every one
of these songs among the most recognizable and
culture-defining songs in pop music history: "My
Girl," "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone," "Get Ready," "Ain't
Too Proud To Beg," "Just My Imagination," "I Wish It

Considered by many to be the #1 R&B group of all
time, The Temptations boast a long list of claims to
fame, including:
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee - Grammy
Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient - 18 #1
Billboard singles - 23 Top 10 singles - 10 Top Ten

"A Temptations Revue featuring Bo Henderson" recreates the great harmonies and choreographed dance
steps that made the Temptations famous and features a
six-piece band that is a show in itself. 






Lumber River Day Festival 2017

Come out to Lumber River State Park’s Princess Ann Access Area for a day of family fun and activities as the park celebrates its 8th Annual Lumber River Day Festival on Saturday July 22, 2017. The festival will go from 9am-2pm.  Come out and see some beautifully restored antique tractors from the Lumber River Ol’ Iron Tractor Club and listen to some great bluegrass music by Jim Caulder and the Bluegrass Misfits.  Learn about the animals along the Lumber River from exhibitors including Wildlife Action and the USDA exhibit.  There will be free canoe rides all day long, along with many activities for the kids including a casting contest, pony rides, miniature train rides, and a bouncy house and slide in a new inside house.  There will be food available for lunch and snacks, along with ice cream and frozen treats to tame the heat or you can bring a picnic lunch.  You can meet the new 2017 Lumbee Ambassadors and hear about their beautiful handmade regalia.  For more information, contact the park office or Superintendent Neill Lee at (910) 628-4564.


Date of the event:  Saturday July 22, 2017

Location:  Princess Ann Access Area                                                                    

                 2819 Princess Ann Rd. Orrum, NC 28369



Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company

The Offices of United States Senator Richard Burr and United States Senator Thom Tillis and the North Carolina Military Business Center are pleased to announce the 2017 Southeast Region Aerospace Supplier and Advanced Manufacturing Summit on August 15-16 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


August 15-16, 2017

WHERE. Benton Convention Center, 301 West 5th Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

PROGRAM. The Southeast Region Aerospace Supplier and Advanced Manufacturing (SEASAM) Summit is a regional, business development and teaming event focused on current and future defense, commercial and general aviation business opportunities.

An expansion of previous Aerospace Supplier Conferences, the SEASAM will showcase companies within the Southeast Region engaged in advanced manufacturing and aerospace-related activities, and will connect suppliers and service providers with national aerospace primes, first-tier subs and both military and civilian aerospace customers. The SEASAM program is functionally organized and will feature sessions focused on manufacturers, product and service providers in the aerospace industry.

WEBSITE. For more information or to register, visit:


Dismal Swamp State Park

Dismal Swamp State Park allows a unique wilderness experience in a landscape that has been witness to American Indian hunting parties, exploration by George Washington and the story of the Underground Railroad. The park features 20 miles of trails, beyond a 2,000-foot boardwalk that puts visitors in the midst of the Great Dismal Swamp. Birding and viewing abundant wildlife are favored activities. Mountain biking on the trails and kayaking the adjacent Dismal Swamp Canal are both encouraged. Visitors may bring their own equipment or rent at the park. Regular interpretive programs about the wetlands ecology and history of the famed swamp complement museum-quality exhibits in the visitor center.

Dismal Swamp State Park

2294 US 17 North
South MillsNC 27976

Some of North Carolina’s greatest treasures can be found off the beaten path. You never know what you might find... an old-time general store, local artisan, or simply a picturesque view that takes your breath away. You’ll be swept away by the untouched natural landscape found on the backroads of this rural county.

In Anson County, you can discover all that and more. Come. Visit. Surround yourself with the beauty of North Carolina’s best kept secret.


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