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Clyde Haymore

The Wood Genius



            Clyde Haymore is a woodworker to his very core.  Growing up in the foothills of North Carolina, he helped his father build custom homes from the time he was old enough to sweep up scraps on the jobsite.  Clyde’s fascination with wood led him to Appalachian State University where he earned his degree in Industrial Arts with a concentration in woodworking.  His degree took him to the furniture industry as engineer and also freelance work as Master Carver for the industry.  Since then he has enjoyed national success in commercial woodworking as well as custom furniture-making.  As a furniture craftsman, the scope of his work has ranged from fine antique reproductions to custom dining tables and conference tables, and his clientele has included NASCAR legends, local wineries, and just good folks who appreciate well-built hardwood furniture.






            Today, Clyde’s artist’s heart compels him to pursue his passion for wood through his favorite work yet:  hand-crafted slab-style tables and other pieces in highly-figured American hardwoods, inlaid with turquoise.





            “The Good Lord created the trees,” says Clyde, “but I can look at a tree—the more gnarly, the better—and envision the furniture pieces that can come out of it.  I get excited just visualizing the beauty I know is in the wood-grain of that tree, and I want to bring that beauty out so that others can enjoy it as a functional work of art.  The splendor in an exquisitely figured piece of wood is the canvas God gives me to work on, and I love to showcase that beauty by adding inlays, including turquoise and other stones, hand-cut bowties, and even real leaves.



            “The work I’m doing now truly employs sustainable lumber practices,” Clyde continues.  “In my years of commercial woodworking, the most beautiful wood was not usable because the consumer was looking for consistency in color and grain.  So I’ve been rescuing valuable lumber for years just for this work that I’ve always envisioned.  Along with this gorgeous lumber, I also use carefully selected trees harvested locally.”



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