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Cove Creek Farm
Cove Creek Farm

Cove Creek Farm is a simple place with a simple mission, to help young men and their families reach their full potentials. With this in mind, we have created for our residents an atmosphere where trust and self discipline are expected and rewarded. Cove Creek Farm is not a treatment center, nor is it a halfway house; it is an incredibly healing, loving, and enlightening living environment designed to help at risk young men 16 and older. Our farm is located on 25+ acres of pasture and woodland nestled at the foot of several beautiful mountain ridges. Horses, burros, chickens, ducks, and 2 pigs reside in the pastures; deer, turkey and numerous other wild creatures abound. Riding trails, fishing in historic Cove Creek and other nearby streams, tubing, kayaking, camping out, hiking, backpacking, basketball, volleyball, billiards, and weight lifting are only some of the activities available to residents at Cove Creek Farm. Of course the winter brings skiing and all the other cold weather sports. Our guys live in a large, historic farm house. Cove Creek supplies the food, but it is the responsibility of the residents to plan and prepare their meals. High speed internet access, cable TV, and telephones are available to the resident (long distance calls home are free).

In this setting, an individual set of goals for each young man is co-developed by the Cove Creek Team, the resident, and his family. Parameters are established taking into consideration the maturity, self control, and abilities of the young man who is desirous of developing his strengths, identifying and overcoming weaknesses, and creating a solid foundation of integrity, spirituality, and stability. He will learn the difference between a response and a reaction, and will understand how to be a contributor instead of a consumer. Working under the assumption that a person's spiritual condition is at least as important as his mental, physical, and emotional condition, Cove Creek addresses all areas of our residents' lives. Helping your son grow to be a righteous son, husband, and father; full of integrity and confidence as a result of relationship with his Higher Power, is our desire. Weekly individual and group sessions with the Cove Creek Team, Sarah Moncelle, our resident teacher and headmaster of Cove Creek Academy, and other residents are built into his schedule. If appropriate, he is able to attend weekly A/A or N/A meetings on and off the farm, with the opportunity to interact with older and more experienced sponsors.

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