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Don Gibson Theater!

The Don Gibson Theater!

One of America's greatest singer/songwriters was born in 1928 in Shelby, NC.  Don Gibson was a legend in country music, rockabilly, r&b and beyond. 

The mention of his name brings to mind so many of his songs: Ray Charles singing "I Can't Stop Loving You", Patsy Cline singing "Sweet Dream", Roy Orbison's entire album "Roy Orbison Sings Don Gibson", Doc Watson singing "Don't Tell Me Your Troubles" and even Neil Young singing "Oh Lonesome Me."

Don Gibson was an accomplished singer and musician in his own right.  His voice was a rich and woody baritone, very engaging and enjoyable.  His version of "Oh Lonesome Me" was recorded in 1957 and was a hit on both the country and pop charts (the guitar solo is classic).  He followed with "Sea of Heartbreak", "Legend In My Time", "Lonesome Number 1", "I Can Mend Your Broken Heart", "Woman Sensuous Woman" and so many others.

More than 700 artists recorded his songs.  He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters hall of fame in 1973 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

Don Gibson was a shy and humble man, who eschewed many of the honors due him.  WSM's Eddie Stubbs tells the story of Gibson not showing up for a parade in his honor because he felt that he didn't deserve the recognition.  Don Gibson passed away in 2003 and was buried in Shelby. 

Shelby, NC is now honoring their famous son through the Don Gibson Theater! 

The State Theater was built in 1939 in Shelby, and has long been recognized as a masterpiece of Art Deco design.  The Theater had a long run, changing hands and names throughout the years.  It has now been refurbished and renamed the Don Gibson Theater.

The Don Gibson Theater is becoming one of the most beautiful and interesting venues in North Carolina for several genres of live music and classic film!  Click the link below for the current schedule of performances and more information.

The Don Gibson Theater