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Visit Elizabethtown
by Dawn Maynard

The Elizabethtown – White lake Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome and introduce you to our southeastern North Carolina community. From the pristine water of the family resort of White Lake, to the fertile agricultural fields stretching across acres of Carolina farmland, Bladen County is a picturesque homeland.

         Experience the charm of our downtown business district in the county seat of Elizabethtown. Marvel at the mystery of a landscape dotted with Carolina Bays, terrestrial curiosities that have given the land five area lakes of cosmic origin. Gaze upon field after field of vibrant agricultural produce that nourishes both the appetite and the soul. Walk through history in our carefully preserved and highly respected two-hundred year old churches, homes and cemeteries.

         Bladen County boasts of a progressive environment for growing and expanding businesses, unique recreational and relaxation escapes, and the highest regard for the American farmland. We are a small-town haven of Southern traditions, steeped in history and focused on a bright and ambitious future.

         Perhaps, best of all, Bladen County is a community of hard-working people, friendly, warm, and quick to extend Southern Hospitality. Generations of families call Bladen County home while every passing year brings new faces into our area, looking for business opportunities, a strong school system, a new life adventure, or simply retirement.

         Don’t miss our 34th Annual White Lake Water Festival the third weekend in May. American Idol Season Seven contestant, Emily Minor, will be our Grand Marshal in this year’s parade. She will entertain us on stage Saturday night at our annual dance!

         For more information, contact the Elizabethtown – White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. Call 910 862-4368, email us at