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Fabios Restaurant

A Review of

Fabio’s Restaurant



Fabio’s Restaurant is located in Newland, the county seat of Avery County.  Fabio’s is a relatively new establishment (opened in 2004), typifying the new Newland – a town in transition from catering exclusively to locals, to becoming a must visit spot on the tourism maps.  However, Fabio Brocco is no newcomer to the restaurant business.


Fabio is originally from Mont Blanc, Italy.  He has been a chef for more than 30 years.  He has traveled the world and learned many styles of cooking.  For this reason, Fabio serves International Food.  He says, “My mama never made quesadillas, but I make quesadillas.”  Fabio’s menu draws on many cultural influences and is all of the highest quality.  For three years he worked as a chef on The Love Boat.  While his menu is “exciting and new”, the essential elements of good food are timeless and unchanging:




“I make everything homemade, from scratch.” he says.  “We don’t use microwaves or any frozen food.” 

In addition to the international fare, Fabio makes many of his family’s recipes.  The last time I was at Fabio’s the aroma of his lasagna hung so heavily in the air that it served as the best advertisement for his establishment imaginable.


Fabio’s lunch prices range from $5.99 - 9.99 

The menu includes the classic meatball sub, but also:


Chicken sautéed with garlic and black olives in tomato sauce


Foot long hotdogs


Pan fried grouper


Burgers (including a 16 oz, 3 cheese burger!)


Fettuccine alfredo


Philly Steak




Cuban Sandwich (a favorite of mine – sliced pork loin, mustard, creamy spicy sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and sliced cheese on toasted bread)


Chicken Andalusia


Marinated Salmon








Spaghetti with meat sauce, carbonara (with bacon and cream, yum!) or clams (another of my favorites)


and 3 Deli sandwiches, Chicken, Tuna, and Ham & Cheese


Before I get to Fabio’s dinner menu I have to point out how striking it is that such a menu is available now in Newland, at such a high level of culinary skill.  Just a few years ago, this same building hosted the Black Bear Café, where I would come for breakfast and eat biscuits with liver mush while watching Newlanders pass by on horseback.  Sometimes I miss the old Newland, but thanks to Fabio, the new Newland sure is tasty!


Fabio’s dinner prices range from $12.99 - 19.99

The dinner menu includes: 

Steak Portobello (grilled to your specifications)


Grouper Ranchero (battered, fried and served with pepper, onion, tomato sauté with herbs butter sauce)


Trout Cartoccio (fresh stuffed with basil and garlic, topped with diced tomato, pepper, onion and black olives, sealed in foil and roasted – cleaned table side before your eyes.)


Pork Cacciatora (pork loin with onion, tomato, mushroom and wine gravy)


Spanish Shrimp Skewer


Pork Milanese (pan fried golden brown with herbs butter and lemon wedges)


Grouper Parmigiana


Chicken Piemonte (stuffed with sausages, roasted and topped with white wine and mushroom sauce)


Grilled New York Strip


Mixed Seafood Grill


Pork Pizzaiola (roasted and thick sliced, topped with fresh tomatoes and oregano)


Chicken Parmigiana


Shrimp Diablo (with spicy basil and diced tomato marinara)


Pork and Nuts (sautéed in garlic and cream sauce)


Surf and Turf


Homemade Chili Con Carne with Beans and Cheddar


Chicken Citrus


Pork and Apple


Angel Hair Primavera


Tortellini Nonna Rosa (cheese stuffed pasta tossed with vegetables and Alfredo sauce with tomato)


Salads of Mixed Greens or Caesar (In my opinion, a good, home made Caesar salad is among the greatest dishes known to man)


Deserts are also homemade, vary by night and may include:


Chocolate Fudge with Fresh Fruits and Nuts,


Crème’ Caramel French Custard Pudding with Chocolate and Caramel



At long last, Fabio has opened a restaurant dedicated to the foods of his Italian homeland.  Located beside Fabio's Restaurant in Newland, NC, Little Italy features dishes that are among the best Italian fare found anywhere.  Each dish is made from scratch, with the same attention to detail and flavor that have distinguished Fabio's cooking in his remarkable career.  I tried the Eggplant Parmigiana  this week, and I can say with out hesitation that it was the best I've ever had.  This is food worth driving for - come from Boone, Charlotte, Asheville, Atlanta, Johnson City, New York or Florida; you will not be disappointed!

Little Italy features Italian specialties, like fried calamari, minestrone soup, mussels marinara, alfredo with chicken or shrimp, clams in red or white sauce, pasta with meatballs, vegetables or carbonara.  Baked ziti, eggplant parmesan or ravioli.  The salads are very large.  Little Italy has a family atmosphere.  The menu also includes American dishes like burgers and sandwiches, wraps and stuffed potatoes, ribeye steaks, fried chicken, fried seafood and chicken livers with onions.

Supper prices at Little Italy range from $5.99 - 8.99


Fabio came to America in 1992 and lived in Florida for 12 years.  He moved to Newland, because, as he says “You can take the boy out of the mountains, but you can’t take the mountains out of the boy.”


If you love to eat, you owe it to yourself to come to Newland for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It is a short drive from the ski slopes.  Private parties and groups are welcome. 

Affordable prices at both establishments:

Breakfast: $3.99 -6.99
Lunch: $5.99-9.99
Dinner (at Fabio's): $12.99-19.99
Supper (at Little Italy): $5.99-8.99