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Log Cabin Country Store



Last month, we were pleased to tell you about P.R. Moore’s Produce in Biscoe.  A better source for fresh, local produce, flowers, plants and farmstead products can not be found in the Uwharries – and, few in our state are on par with P.R. Moore’s.  One that is, however, is Log Cabin Country Store in West End.  Log Cabin Country Store serves Moore County and the sandhills just as P.R. Moore’s serves the Uwharries.  The reason why is simple: Log Cabin Country Store is owned by Kevin Moore, Phillip and Roberta (P.R.) Moore’s son!


Log Cabin Country Store carries wonderful, vine ripened tomatoes – the kind you cannot get at your average commercial grocery store.  They have all kinds of fruits and vegetables.  Local strawberries are coming in this month, and they are not to be missed.  Seriously, is there anything better than a ripe strawberry straight from the field? 


What really catches the eye at the Log Cabin is the huge variety of ornamental flowers and other plants.  They have more flowers than most nurseries that specialize in such.  They also have statuary and all manner of landscape ornaments.


  When you step inside the cabin, you are really in for a treat.  Not only will you find homemade fried pies and banana bread, cured pork, farmer’s cheese, old fashioned sodas and all that wonderful produce, but much, much more.  The log cabin itself is a real log cabin that is well over 100 years old.  It is decorated with antiques, oddities and collectables, such as “snake eggs” and face jugs made by local potters.


Log Cabin Country Store is not merely a wonderful source for produce, plants and decorations, but it is an experience… a destination.  Go check it out.  Life is simply too short to pass up fresh strawberries or settle for bland tomatoes.


Log Cabin Country Store
, 4993 Nc Highway 211, West End, NC