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The Art of Roger Thomas

The Art of Roger Thomas

A while back, we made a wonderful personal discovery in the work of artist Roger Thomas.  I say personal discovery, because Roger is already well known among those who recognize North Carolina’s best artists.  Roger’s work draws comparisons to Bob Timberlake, but Roger works in oil paints and his work is vibrant and his use of colors dramatic.  Roger’s work is realistic and his subjects are often scenes of natural beauty in North Carolina. 



When viewing Roger’s paintings of Pilot Mountain or Morrow Mountain, the highest compliment one can pay an artist of such realistic style comes to mind: at first, you think you are viewing the most beautiful photograph you’ve ever seen, with the light playing brilliantly on every feature and the shadows providing contrast.  Then, you begin to realize that it is a painting and awe sets in as you begin to realize that each of the myriad ripples in the water or dappled leaved are brush strokes.  Few artists possess such jaw-dropping skill as Roger Thomas.  However, he is also truly humble.  To find such a combination of ideal traits in a man so gifted is perhaps the rarest discovery of all.


We asked Roger to write a message to our reader’s:



My name is Roger Thomas.  I am an artist and a native of Stanly County, located in Albemarle, North Carolina.  We are located on the Outskirts of the Uwharrie Mountains, just below Morrow Mountain State Park.  Our address is 44134 Vicker Store Road.  Our phone number is (704) 983-1861.  You may visit our website for a look at my work at  There is also a map for directions to our location on the website.


Growing up in this beautiful region, we were loved and encouraged by my mother, Selma L. Thomas, relatives and friends.  One of my cherished times was in my early teens through my middle twenties, working for a man named James Mauney at Mauney’s Feed Mill.  His “John Wayne” courage and his love for the outdoors captured my interest in just what God had placed around us.  In 1980, guided by the Lord as I began to pick up the paintbrush, this talent within me began to come alive.  I gained such a love for painting that I became a full time artist.  My first love was painting what was around me in this beautiful region.  My childhood memory series of local landmarks quickly got me off the beaten path of my first love, which is painting the region.  Now that that is behind me, I have come back to painting what I have always wanted to do. 


One of the first paintings you can see on my website is of the Morrow Mountain view over Lake Tillery and the Treasures of Morrow Mountain.  As this series begins to grow, you can find them on my website.  Such beauty is so hidden; I intend to bring it to the public’s eye through my paintings. 


One of my better known paintings is of the Bank of America Stadium.  When my friend, John Richardson, saw it, he asked, “How do you do it?”  I replied, “I hold the brush and God does the rest.”


I thank my Lord Jesus Christ, who is my savior, for my talent; and, my wife Cindy Thomas, who helps me keep going and is a wonderful partner in my life.  God Bless you and yours!


Roger S. Thomas


We invite you visit Roger’s website, and would like you to know that Roger is always available to do commissioned work.  To view a gallery of his work, click here: